What good is a great deal on land if you can't afford it? 

At J3 Land, we believe that EVERYONE should be able to invest in a GREAT piece of rural land. 

Whether you want a place to build a home on, to camp on, to get away at, to place your tiny home on, to prep at, or to simply to run your four-wheelers on, we want to help you find the perfect land for WHATEVER you dream of. 

Unless we state otherwise, we offer Owner-Carry Financing with EZ Terms on all of our land. LOW DOWN, and AFFORDABLE PAYMENTS. We work hard to find properties you can invest in for less than the cost of a used car payment, because we know that you work hard for every dollar you invest. A used car will need maintenance and eventually wear out. Land is the only investment we know of that not only LASTS FOREVER, but that also lets you share amazing experiences, provide for your family, and create life-long memories along the way.

We also offer a cash discount on any land you want to pay for all at once.

There are NO CREDIT CHECKS. Everyone who can afford the down payment is approved. If you choose to make payments with us, the land is sold on a land contract. Once the land is paid off in full, you will receive the deed to your land. 

How does it work?

  1. Select your perfect land from our Land for Sale.
  2. Select your terms: Cash Discount or Payments.
  3. Receive the cash discount price, or make the down payment. 
  4. If you select payments, J3 Land will prepare the Purchase Agreement, the Land Contract, and the Promissory Note. Estimated property taxes and a $5 per month note maintenance fee are added to the monthly payment, based on the prior year's assessment, as are any other required fees such as homeowners association fees, or servicing fees, if applicable. 
  5. Note payments are made through the ZimpleMoney.com web site from your checking or savings account. Pre-paid debit cards (Green Dot, etc.) will usually work as well, but not credit cards. Please ask if you have any questions about payment methods. 
  6. When your land is paid off in full, you will receive the deed. 

There is never a pre-payment penalty, you can make extra payments or pay your note off completely at any time. 

We want you to be COMPLETELY SATISFIED with your land investment. You are fully protected by J3 Land's 90 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your land investment for ANY reason within 90 days, we will refund all of the money you have paid, less the document preparation and recording fee, which is not refundable. Your satisfaction is REALLY important to us here at J3 Land. We want you to have the PERFECT piece of land for your needs, and we will do whatever we can to help make that possible. 

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